Author: Johan Sjöberg

  • The restrictions are lifted

    Johan Sjöberg, Ph.D., Archivist at Uppsala University Library, Project Archivist The university library and the Department of History at Uppsala University started the project Gustav’s Hand because, in 2019, it […]

  • Gustav III’s writings, digitally published in their entirety

    Johan Sjöberg, Ph.D., Archivist at Uppsala University Library, Project Archivist Gustav III’s private archive – the so-called Gustavian Collection – consists partly of Gustav’s own writings, partly of letters and other documents […]

  • The Gustavian collection as a tourist attraction, 1792‒1842

    For fifty years, Gustav III’s archives – the Gustavian Collection – were kept at Uppsala University Library in two locked chests, one huge, the other more like a suitcase. When the collection was opened on the 50th anniversary of Gustav’s death, the German newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung noted that the locked chests had attracted the attention of all…